FEZ Beach

In summer, the FEZ beach is the place to swim, paddle, build sandcastles, play volleyball, eat ice cream or simply relax in the shade with a good book...

End Of The Beach Season

Dear guests,

The FEZ Beach closed in September for winter.
We thank everyone who paid us a visit during summer 2018 and look forward to seeing you in the FEZ pool.

The FEZ Pool Team

Rainwater Harvesting from the FEZ Roof

Environment relief programme II of the Senate Administration for City Development and the Environment
Project-No. 11384 UEP II / 1-3

Rainwater Harvesting

At the FEZ we have taken innovative steps towards linking rainwater harvesting with an environmentally friendly water preparation scheme for our beach and lake, which, until 2014, was chlorinated and fed with groundwater. The FEZ roofs (with a surface area of 15.000 m²) are connected to a separate sanitary sewer rather than a normal combined sewer as part of a system that eases the burden on Berlin's surface water. In this system, the rainwater that runs off the main building is collected and, after passing through a plant-covered ground filter and a reed bed filter, is fed into the lake. These 'flowerbed' filters remove and break down germs, bacteria and suspended solids before the water flows through the flowerbeds and returns to the lake, thus completing the water cycle. These combined processes, ensure that, at the same time, the rainwater and, thus the lake water too, are cleaned without the need for chemical products.

All in all this whole cultivation process serves to relieve the pressure not only Berlin's surface water but also the separate sanitary sewer, via evaporation, percolation and usage of the rainwater. By combining rainwater harvesting and an environmentally friendly method of cleaning the lake, the FEZ is not only providing ecological benefit to the local area but also saving money on energy bills and other associated costs.

The lake water is brought into the 'flowerbed' filter via a pressurised line. Once there, the water seeps through the filter beds and is carried away via the base of the beds in a drainage pipe. The reeds, meanwhile, contribute to the ventilation of the filter beds and prevent the colmatation (soil clogging) of the filter pores.


Download information material as a PDF here (in German)


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