Let's Jump In! The FEZ Beach & Lake Opens On 3rd June!

Summer is here! The FEZ natural bathing lake is an amazing place to splash around, go for a serious swim and take a break. Idyllically surrounded by trees, it is also home to a sandy beach, a sunbathing area and a volleyball court. There's no better place to be when the temperature rises.

General Info About The FEZ Lake

  • When was it built?
  • How deep is it?
  • How is the water quality?
  • What makes it so climate-friendly?

Opening Hours & Tickets

3rd June to 27th August
Mon - Fri: 10am to 7pm
Sat + Sun: 10am to 6pm

Tickets are available online. Remaining tickets can be bought from the box office and the entrance to the FEZ Beach.
Online Tickets

Please note:
A parking charge of €3 / €5 applies on weekends, public holidays, 'bridge days' and other major events due to the large volume of vehicles.

Please note:

There may be cercariae in the lake which can cause skin irritation. Please read our health advice.

The presence of cercariae has nothing to do with water quality. The lake is regularly tested throughout the summer by an accredited testing centre in accordance with the guidelines of the Berliner Badegewässerverordnung.
The latest report can be found here.

Underwater Plants

A variety of aquatic plants can be found beneath the surface of the FEZ lake. These plants play an important role in the lake's ecosytem, contribute to high water quality and ensure the water stays clear.