Beach Season Has Begun!

Summer's is here! Pack your swimsuit and let's go!

In the middle of Wuhlheide Park, surrounded by trees and featuring a large sandy beach and luscious green meadow, the FEZ Beach is the perfect place to relax, splash, swim and play volleyball.

Tip: Bring a picnic as no food is currently available from the FEZ Beach.

General Info About The FEZ Lake

  • When was it built?
  • How deep is it?
  • How is the water quality?
  • What makes it so climate-friendly?

Please note the following:

Cercariae in bathing water
There may be cercariae in the lake which can cause skin irritation. Please read our health advice.

The presence of cercariae has nothing to do with water quality. The lake is regularly tested throughout the summer by an accredited testing centre in accordance with the guidelines of the Berliner Badegewässerverordnung.
The latest report can be found here.

Underwater Plants

A variety of aquatic plants can be found beneath the surface of the FEZ lake. These plants play an important role in the lake's ecosytem, contribute to high water quality and ensure the water stays clear.

Opening Hours & Tickets

The beach is open from 10am to 6pm each weekend until 8th July and between 4th & 8th July. Online Ticket

During the summer holidays, it's 2 for the price of 1! When you buy an Insland Adventure Ticket you can use the FEZ Beach for free.

Tickets are available online. Any left over will be sold on the day at the box office. Last entry is 5:00 pm and you must leave the lake by 5:45 pm.

Ticket: €5.50 per person
Ticket (Concessions)*: €3.50 per person
Ticket Family (3+ people):  €3.50 per person
Ticket Child below 5 years: €3.50 per child
Children below the age of 12 months get in free.
Ticket Youth Group**: €2.00 per person / Group leader free
Ticket Late Entry*: €3.50 | After 4pm

Online Tickets

Island Adventures

Sat 9th July to Sun 21st August 2022
Berlin's best summer holidays!

Includes access to FEZ Beach!

Island Adventures
Tues-Fri: 10am to 5pm, Sat/Sun: 12pm to 6pm

Come and play, go island hopping or jump in the lake. There are tests to pass on each island which will earn you pearls and bring you one step closer to being a certified adventurer. Check in and let's go! Your ticket is valid for swimming and playing! Online Ticket

A Trip To The Beach - Combi Ticket

When you buy an online ticket for the Island Adventures summer holiday event, you can also use it to access the FEZ Beach.
It's the perfect place to splash, swim and relax. So don't forget your swimsuit for guaranteed summer fun.

FEZ Beach
Tues-Fri: 10am to 7pm, Sat/Sun: 10am to 6pm

Please note that the Island Adventure event doesn't start until 12pm on weekends. You ca arrive early to enjoy the FEZ Beach at 10 am though.