Vamos A La Playa! - Our Artifical Beach Is Open For The Holidays

Surrounded by trees and featuring a large sandy beach and luscious green meadow, the FEZ beach is the perfect place to relax and enjoy the feel of nature in the heart of the city.

So pack a picnic, bring a deck chair and don't forget your swimming costumeas you plan a visit to the most environamentally friendly beach in Berlin!

General Information About The FEZ Beach

When was it created? How big is it? How deep is it? How is the water quality? What makes it so environmentally friendly?

Underwater Plants

A variety of aquatic plants can be found beneath the surface of the FEZ lake. These plants play an important role in the lake's ecosytem, contribute to high water quality and ensure the water stays clear.

Current Water Quality Data

Our lake is regularly tested by the Institut für angewandte Gewässerökologie GmbH in accordance with the Berliner Badegewässerverordnung.
The latest report can be found here.


During the Berlin summer holidays, children under 12 get free entry.

Ticket: €4.00
Ticket (concessions): €3.00*
Family Ticket (3+ people): €3.50 per person

Buy online ticket

Ticket sales for the FEZ Beach are exclusively online. This enables us to keep everything contactless, to control visitor numbers and to avoid queues on entry.

*Concessions apply to the following groups:

  • Children aged between 13 and 15 inclusive (if in doubt, we may as for ID)
  • School pupils and students (on production of a valid ID card)
  • Trainees (Auszubildende) (on production of valid certification)
  • Recipients of social welfare (on production of a Berlin-Karte S or certification from the relevant social welfare office)
  • Recipients of benefits (on production of a Berlinpass or certification from a current employment agency (Bewilligungsbescheid)

Opening Hours

Summer Holidays

24th June - 8th August 2021
Every day (except Mondays), from 10am to 6pm



Please Observe Hygiene Regulations To Ensure A Pleasant Visit For All

Current knowledge strongly suggests that flu and coronaviruses are not transmitted via bathing lakes. Nonetheless you visit the FEZ Beach at your own risk.