FEZ Swimming Pool Regulations


We want everyone who visits the FEZ pool to have a good time and feel safe. We therefore ask that you follow any instructions given by the pool staff and adhere to the rules set out here. They are mandatory for anyone who enters the FEZ swimming pool area.
In particular, please show consideration for other swimmers and act in such a way that none of our guests feel intimidated or harassed.
If you have questions, suggestions or complaints, our staff will be happy to listen.

We hope you enjoy using the FEZ pool!

1. Instructions for Using the Pool

  • These rules and regulations are in place to maintain safety, security, organisation and cleanliness in our swimming pool. By entering the pool area, you agree to adhere to these rules and regulations. In addition, all users of the FEZ pool agree to the general house rules of the FEZ itself and the fee structure of the KJfz-L-gBmbH in their respective valid versions.
  • We ask that you treat the swimming pool facilities with care and respect. In the event of misuse, deliberate contamination or negligent or deliberate damage to the facilities, the person(s) responsible will be held liable.
  • All swimmers must refrain from behaviour or actions that contravene public decency or jeopardise safety, peace and order.
  • Children under 8 years of age must be accompanied by an adult. Proof of age must be provided if staff are unsure whether the accompanying adult is at least 18 years of age.
  • Accompanying adults of children are solely responsible for their supervision, behaviour and general childcare. The staff of the FEZ Berlin are not responsible for supervision or care of any children.
  • Girls and boys under the age of 6 years old may use the changing room and showering facilities of the opposite gender if accompanied by an adult of the opposite sex.
  • For hygiene reasons, no outdoor shoes may be worn in the shower facilities and pool area.
  • Before using the swimming pool, guests must shower thoroughly. Swimwear should not be worn while showering.
  • For hygiene reasons, we cannot allow shaving, pedicures, manicures etc.
  • Appropriate swimwear must be worn while in the pool. Everyday clothing and street clothing is not permitted.
  • For safety reasons, objects that break easily or are fragile (e.g. glass, ceramics, porcelain) must not be taken into the changing rooms, pool area or sanitary facilities.
  • Food and drink is only permitted in the designated areas for eating.
  • The FEZ swimming pool is a no smoking area.
  • Photography and filming is not permitted.
  • When you leave the changing rooms, please make sure you have taken all of your belongings from your locker. After closing time, our staff will open all lockers (including those that are locked). Any items found will be treated as lost property.
  • If you lose your locker key, you will be charged a €15.00 replacement fee.
  • If you find lost property, please hand it over to our staff as soon as possible.
  • The pool staff is authorised to determine and apply additional rules at any time as and when the circumstances require. Any requests or instructions given by our staff must be followed immediately.
  • The pool staff have the power to determine who shall be allowed access to the FEZ pool. If you endanger yourself or others, harass others, fail to heed the instructions of our staff or otherwise violate the rules outlined on this page, you may be asked to leave. Furthermore, you may be issued with a temporary or lifetime ban from the pool or the entire premises. In each case, your entrance fee will not be refunded.
  • The prior consent of FEZ management is required in the following cases:
    a) the advertising, provision or implementation of swimming lessons, training or official forms of entertainment associated with the FEZ pool,
    b) photography and filming for commercial purposes and for press or television.
    c) the offer of goods and services and distribution of advertising material.

2. Opening Hours

  • Opening hours and changes to opening hours are published online. Please check our website.
  • Opening hours and changes to opening hours are also available at reception and are displayed by the entrance to the pool area.
  • Occasionally, use of the swimming pool may be partly or entirely restricted due to technical, security or organisational reasons. There is no right to a refund of the admission fee.
  • Regular opening hours may also change as a result of school events.
  • Last entry to the pool area is 60 minutes before the pool closes.
  • The swimming pool must be vacated at least 15 minutes before closing time. Guests must take care to allow sufficient time for showering and changing before closing time.
  • The publicised opening hours of the swimming pool also apply to the changing rooms. After this point, the changing rooms can no longer be used.

3. Admission & Receipts

  • By purchasing a ticket to the FEZ pool, you automatically acknowledge and consent to these regulations.
  • Keep hold of your admission receipt until you leave the swimming pool.
  • Anyone found using the facilities of the FEZ pool without a valid admission receipt (including using a concessions ticket without reason) shall be required to pay the unauthorised use fee of €30.00.
  • Entry will not be permitted to:
    a) persons under the influence of intoxicating substances,
    b) persons with communicable illnesses or diseases that must be reported or with open wounds,
    c) persons with pets (not including blind people accompanied by guide dogs).
  • If you are prone to seizures or suffer from a disability that requires care from another person (for example when getting changed), you may only enter the swimming facilities with an accompanying person for your own safety.

4. General Safety Regulations

  • It is not permitted to run in the pool area, to exercise on the diving boards, the pool access ladders, the handrails and the divider ropes, to submerge other swimmers in the water or to push other swimmers into the water.
  • The use of air mattresses, inflatable boats, pool rings, flippers, floats and diving and snorkelling equipment is only permissable with the prior consent of the supervising staff.
  • The use of swimming goggles is at your own risk.
  • Diving can also be dangerous and should always be supervised by an adult. Apnea diving and extreme diving are forbidden.
  • Jumping into the pool is only permitted from starting blocks.
  • During regular opening hours, the diving board may only be used with the prior consent of FEZ pool staff.
  • Anyone jumping from the diving board must swim away from underneath the diving board immediately.
  • Swimming underneath the diving board is forbidden when the diving board is in use.
  • Non-swimmers are only permitted in the beginners' pool regardless of armbands or any other buoyancy aid.
  • Jumping into the beginners' pool is only permitted feet first.
  • For security reasons, guests are requested to report any damage to equipment or the general facilities as soon as possible.
  • The use of any electrical equipment is not permitted in the FEZ pool area.

5. Liability

  • You use the FEZ swimming pool at your own risk.
  • The KJfz-L-gBmbH is not liable for:
    a) any damages that you incur while using the swimming pool, the diving board, the sporting equipment and pool games and any other facilities within the swimming pool,
    b) any damages caused by third parties (theft, damage to property, injuries while swimming or playing games etc.),
    c) for loss of property, money or any valuables,
    d) for loss or damage to vehicles or bicycles parked in the designated spaces.

These pool regulations are in force as of 1st January 2020 
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